For centuries, prior to quackery and reefer madness, people have used plants and herbs ritualistically, medicinally, and recreationally. Just like cannabis, different herbs have their own unique flavors, aromas, and effects that can uplift your mood, reduce pain, improve concentration, relieve stress, and promote sleep. Combining herbs with hemp to take in special herbal blends provides you with an opportunity to bring additional healing compounds into your body without causing a high. 

There is no right or wrong way to enjoy CBD herbal smokes. They can be smoked as they are (pre-rolls), or dumped into a bowl or vape. You can DIY it, but it’s best to find a pre-blended herbal smoke created for specific flavors and effects.

Smoking Herbal Blends - Remedy Rolls by Healing Sacrament, CBD Herbal Smokes

Remedy Rolls – CBD Herbal Smokes 

Herba (Red) 

This blend is 100% hemp with 20mg of CBD. This is the pre-roll with the strongest CBD content and wonderful flavor. It provides 2 doses of CBD per smoke. 

Harmony (Yellow)

This blend is 50% hemp and 50% herbs. This is the pre-roll with the lightest version of CBD, but with a smooth flavor. It provides 1 dose of CBD per smoke. 

Hemp (Black)

This pre-roll is 100% hemp. This smoke has the full flavor from hemp, and provides approximately 1.5 doses of CBD per smoke. 

Herbal Blend Ingredients

The Remedy Rolls CBD herbal smokes contain a blend of ritual herbs that provide flavor, aroma, and effects. The herbs are BearBerry, Mint, Willow Bark, Lovage, Sage, Yerba Santa, Red Sumac, Mullein, Wild Vanilla, Marshmallow Root, Goldenrod, Meadowsweet, and also Prayer.

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Smoking Herbal Blends With Hemp 

Most of us have experienced first-hand the wonderful effects hemp has on the body, mind, and soul with each inhalation. If smoking one herb (hemp) can help us and make us feel good, then it’s safe to assume there are other herbs that also deliver relief. And that’s where herbal blends come in. 

Each of these CBD herbal smokes is a ritual, bringing you peace and relief through healing herbs and prayer.

Try one of our Remedy Rolls today and see the effects for yourself.