Clearly CBD – The Utilitarian CBD – 500mg Isolate + MCT OIL (NO THC)


Clearly CBD – The Utilitarian CBD
MCT tincture with no THC

Give it to the cat, the dog, your aunt, rub it on your body or ingest it (sub lingual). Add it to the salad dressing, in a smoothie, it’s an all purpose remedy. Every kitchen and bathroom should have one. No need for Dozens of different types of CBD type products. This one is universal. It will work in many applications and a variety of uses. Oh, the bath as well, can’t forget that…..The list goes on, find your application and share it with us!

HS bringing CBD’s to humanity! Look for the medicine wheel. The only flavorless and odorless CBD tincture out there, with No THC.

All HS Products have been blessed with song an prayer to bring it to you as Healing Sacrament .

Lovingly Hand-Crafted.

Introductory special, limited time.

Net: 1 fl. oz. / 30 ml
Ingredients: CBD isolate, (MCT) Medium Chain Triglyceride from coconut oil.
Tasteless and odorless

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