Smoking is an adult pleasure. Not for minors. I am over 21 years of age.

These hemp products grown from industrial hemp pursuant to the Farm Bill, using the exempted portions of the cannabis plant, which are sold for market research purposes, may be distributed in accordance with individual state laws regarding THC and hemp.

V. Can Remedy Rolls Be Sold at Non-Dispensary Locations?
It is our opinion that Remedy Rolls can be sold in California at non-dispensary locations so long as they contain no more than trace amounts of THC and are only sold in jurisdictions that allow the sale of hemp products. Please be advised that you must strictly adhere to the regulations of all local jurisdictions.

IV. Public Consumption
Here, Remedy Rolls are not likely to be considered a cannabis product, as they are not in the form of concentrated cannabis. As stated above, the California definition of cannabis exempts portions of the plant that you use to make Remedy Rolls. It is our opinion that public consumption in California would likely be allowed wherever smoking tobacco is not prohibited, so long as the Remedy Rolls are made from the exempted portions of the plant.

It is our opinion that if the Remedy Rolls are made from the excluded portions of the plant, the federal government will likely treat the product as industrial hemp, so long as it contains only trace amounts of THC.

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