Taking special care of yourself is not selfish, nor is it hard to do. Self-care is more than just an at-home spa day with long bubble baths and facials. Anything you do that improves your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being is considered to be an act of self-care. CBD has been shown to improve moods, promote relaxation, help increase focus, and bring on a feeling of peace. In other words, CBD is perfect for practicing self-care! Here are some simple ways to practice self-care with CBD. 

Simple Self-Care With CBD

5+ Ways to Practice Self-Care With CBD

1. Unplug

Clear your mind from the endless flow of information that comes from constant scrolling by cutting out screen time. Give your phone  – and you! – a little break by swapping out 15 minutes of social media or gaming time with meditation or reading. Smoke a Harmony Blend Remedy Roll -for a peaceful experience while you unplug and find a moment of peace from the constant bombardment of the media. 

The Harmony Blend Remedy Roll is a CBD herbal smoke containing 50/50 hemp and herbal blend. The herbs include: Bearberry, mint, willow, lovage, sage, yerba santa, mullein, deer’s tongue, marshmallow, goldenrod, and meadowsweet. There is approximately one gram of flower per Remedy Roll.

2. Get Outside

Fresh air, sunshine, and beautiful nature views are all great reasons to spend some time outdoors. Get some vitamin D and get those feel-good endorphins flowing by taking a walk outside, playing with your kids, or just enjoying some brunch on the patio. Grab some Original Bold Brewed Tincture to promote relaxation and for symptom management. 

3. Pep Yourself Up

Create your own inspirational toolkit to motivate you. Build a pump-up playlist and grab the Ocean Beach Special, which includes 1 Herba Remedy Rolls 5-pack, 2 Harmony Remedy Rolls singles, 1 Clearly Hemp TIncture, 2 stickers, and 1 bundle of sage. It’s everything you need to pump yourself up and feel at peace. 

4. Take a Spa Moment 

Make up your own medicate bath by adding Clearly Hemp Tincture to your bathwater. This quick and easy DIY can turn a regular evening bath into a luxurious soak — just what you need after a long day. Take it a step further by sipping on your favorite beverage and adding some Clearly Hemp to it for extra medicating. 

5. Improve Your Mindset 

Improve your mental state by creating a gratitude journal that will develop a positive attitude. At the end of each day, jot down five good things that happened. This will decrease feelings of overwhelm and burnout by turning your focus on the positive events of the day. At bedtime, enjoy an Herba Remedy Roll or puff on a Hemp Remedy Roll and write down some things you’re grateful for and drift off to sleep on a positive note. 

Bonus: Listen to Peaceful Music 

As you practice your self-care, take some time to listen and vibe to some peaceful music. We suggest Sacred Songs

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Which tip will you use to relax?