Spirit Singing CD – Sacred Songs by David Warren GoodKnife & Phéta Yuha Mani


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1. Creator We Pray To You First – 7:51
2. Calling Prayer – 8:26
3. Grandfather We Cry To You – 6:58
4. Prayer Song – 7:57
5. Creator’s Prayer For Me – 2:42
6. Calling Song – 6:28
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7. Courage Song – 6:02
8. Red Road Song – 2:55
9. Honoring Song – 5:30
10. Healing For Generations – 5:50
11. Thank You Creator – 4:06
12. Thank You Great Mystery – 4:23
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13. Sending Song – 2:39

Dedicated to Michiyo Ooka. aka “giggle buddy”.
We miss you! May you continue to sing, with the angels.

David Warren “Goodknife” and Rev. Cari Webb Warren “Pheta Yuha Mani” have been honored to walk the ‘Red Road’ together as husband and wife for 3 decades. In that time, we have gratefully had the opportunity to receive some of the Sacred Songs into our hearts and spirit, through ceremony. These songs are interpretations from our heart and soul and we sing them with love, reverence and our understanding of the ceremonies; and all that they offer the people. Shared from a Nation who graciously shares their traditions, teachings and miraculous understanding of the balance and harmony of all things, “Pilamaye Lakota Oyate”. It is with our love and gratitude for the beauty and magic of these ways and songs that we sing them from our heart and spirit. Only after a few friends and relatives suggested we record them, and a vision during ceremony of us doing so, that we decided to make it happen. With the help of our friends and relatives, we did just that. Here it is. We hope you enjoy!

With Love,Gratitude and Blessings, Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

Special Thanks: Dr. John Burchard ~ friend and Elder… “what am I doing here again?”. Bram Kaprow ~ friend, Producer, Arranger, Mixer and Recording specialist extraordinaire! Martín Mancha ~ friend, Visual Artistry, Technical Adviser, and Graphic Designer. Danny “Mixmaster” Wyatt. Sacha, Savana & Shaylin ~ our beautiful daughters…thank you for coming… remember, you picked us & we love you. The Manus Family ~ our family, Elders, Teachers, Supporters and much more. Our Sundance Chiefs and all who have guided us along the ‘Red Road’. Our Spirit Helpers ~ They know who they are! Our Parents ~ Supporters of each of us, from the beginning. We love you.

Relatives, thank you for all of your love and support, we couldn’t have done it without each of you.

David Warren GoodKnife, NAC Ceremonialist & Rev. Cari W. Warren H.H.P., H.T.P., ‘Phéta Yuha Mani’
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Bram Kaprow. The Courage Collective AMES.
Proceeds will benefit Assembly of the Divine Church and their future endeavors and projects.

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