OBB – Original Bold Brewed – 400mg + MCT OIL (≤ .3% THC)


OBB – Original Bold Brewed
Done the old fashion way

Tastes like whole plant Hemp, brewed with a dash of organic honey. Genuine Full spectrum cannabis/Hemp… The real thing, with less than .03% THC. Also, made with MCT oil.

Bring beauty of being back into your life!  For your best symptom management results or enjoy as a super food! Keeping a steady level of CBD’s in your system is beneficial to your overall well being, in so many ways.

All HS Products have been blessed with song an prayer to bring it to you as Healing Sacrament .

Lovingly Hand-Crafted. Whole HempPlant w/Honey.

Introductory special, limited time.

Net: 1 fl. oz. / 30 ml
Ingredients: CBD isolate, (MCT) Medium Chain Triglyceride from coconut oil, honey

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