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Harmony Singles (H74)

Harmony Singles (H74)

$74 per carton / 30 cartons per case: $2220 / 25% margin / Wholesale $92.50
Master box size: 13.5 x 19 x 8


• 74 single Harmony Remedy Rolls smokes conveniently camouflaged in a cigarette format for social acceptance.
• With your initial order you will receive 30 two sided UV protected posters, 50 product information cards and a hand full of our Medicine Wheel stickers.

MSRP $2.49 per Remedy Rolls smoke.

<< Order 2 Masters and get a free Member’s Box to enjoy and share with your friends. Elegant all cedar box.

Practitioners Pack (HOT-8)

Original Bold Brewed Hemp tincture

$131 per pack of 8 tinctures / 20 carton per case / $2620 22% margin / Wholesale $160
Master box size: 17 x 13 x 8.5

• 4 Original Bold Brewed Hemp tincture, “Brewed the Old Fashion Way”, full hemp
plant experience and taste.
• 4 Clearly Hemp Tinctures “Odorless and Flavor Free”
The Practical Utilitarian Tincture for those that are new to cannabis

MSRP $42.00 per tincture

NOTE: History shows with our already 2 years of sales in California & Arizona that tinctures are a solid revenue stream, sometimes out selling our smokes! For the consumer’s best symptom management is achieved with a combo use of Tincture and Smoke. FYI, tinctures have a 4-6 hour half life (lasting effect) vs smoking intake only lasts an hour or so. However smoke does provide immediate results. 100% tobacco free, no nicotine! Even a non smoker can enjoy! Its Ritual! It will get the Human through tough Moments or make a Grand one’s Grander! Be the Prayer! Healing Sacrament provides a perfect combination system for the end user. Short and Long term benefits’ Great to run combo specials at your store! Share that to your customers/friends.

Healing Sacrament: Helping the Simple Man Get her & his Free Bird On!

DW GoodKnife

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